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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 9, 2017 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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the downpour has been pretty much non-stop... road crews continue to clear away rocks and mudslides on some of the most travelled roads... in the santa cruz mountains... that work turned tragic today - on highway 17. kron 4's rob fladeboe has been on the scene all day... he joins us live with late details on a worker who died on the job....rob?
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ááápkgááánats this was the chaotic scene just after noon here in the closed northbound lanes of highway 17 where crews have been working to clear a rock slide. two men somehow run over by a dump truck. sot officer trista drake/chpnats this motorist witnessed the accident and flagged down the chp.sot woman who witnessed accident the witness too emotional to describe what she'd seen. one of the the men was pronounced dead at the scene. trapped beneath the trucks rear wheels for a time, the other man, his hand visible as was eventually pulled free, was consious and speaking says the chp. all of this happening in heavy rain as traffic passed bysot officer trisa drake/chpneither man worked for caltrans but are contractors working with the team hauling rocks ad mud from the slide. co workers were stunned by the tragedy as work on the project was brought to
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a halt.sot officer trista drake/chp traffic on highway 17 continues to be a mess. just as it has been for the last two days.... the northbound lanes between vine hill and sugar loaf, south of the summit, are closed. traffic is getting through on the southbound side... with one lane being use for those heading north. given today's tragedy, it's unclear when the road will be fully re- opened. the north bay took the brunt of the storm related issues this morning.... so much rain came down so quickly -- roads were flooded and many rivers and streamswere nearly- overflowing.. there were also more mudslides and downed
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trees... kron 4's dan kerman is in san anselmo... where the rain continues to create anxiety. marin storm thursday 0209175pkg all over marin county the pounding rain made things difficult, and not just for drivers, but homeowners toosot ian/lives near downed tree 6-15 no one was home when this 100 foot cypress tree snapped onto the roof of this mill valley garagesot robin mckee/mill valley resident 23-30the toppling of trees like this has become routine this season sot andrew owston/clements tree service 37-42and for those who live nearby, concerns about their similar trees coming down on their housesot derek bindels/mill valley resident 47-54on berens drive in kentfield, san bags were plentiful. but young people decided to take advantage of the flooded street with a san anselmo more san bags as residents feared san anselmo creek would crest, it did not sot lindsey mclorg/san anselmo resident 108-118in san anselmo, dan kerman kron 4 news 124.std
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caltrans workers along highway-37 have closed all lanes in both the east and westbound directions between atherton avenue and the highway-101 junction. crews have been out there with heavy equipment pumping water off the road... but all this rain is making it hard to keep up. there's no word from caltrans on when it will reopen.
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the huge mudslide that took out an orinda home continues to be one of themost dramatic examples of bay area storm damage.. it happened during tuesday's early morning storm.. until now -- the homeowner was actually able to stay in the house... he talked to kron four's haaziq madyun today about what county officials are saying...... a once beautiful view of a lush green hillside has been replaced by a dangerous looking mudslide"it could have been worse"it could have been much worse. this is what's left of the bathroom dan vittimberga was in tuesday when the mudslide slammed into his home on van tassel way in orinda"at about 9:30 in the morning and i was in the bathroom right over here and i heard what sounded like a very loud thunder storm, then i came out into the room and thought maybe it was a hail storm and then i saw the wall start to come toward me"the mudslide eventually stopped but not before breaching the
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rear wall of his office. outside there is damage to his deck, furniture, hot tub and it doesn't stop there "unfortunately the structure underlying this bedroom buckled with the weight, probably the roof above here too, i mean the damage to the house is significant but i think the more concerning is getting the hill right and that's huge undertaking, what do you do with 300 truck- loads of dirt and uh, that's a good question"the answer to that question will be worked out between vittimberga and the property owner up the the meantime contra costa county has red tagged his home. after moving in two years ago, he and his family have to find somewhere else to live, at least for orinda haaziq madyun kron4news
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and those was kron four's morning anchors - mark dannon and darya folsom - with the help of the kron four morning news team - continuing our weather coverage this morning. although our morning show ends at 10:00 - we kept our coverage going on facebook live. it's just one of the ways kron four keeps you informed - you can also follow us on twitter or download the free kron four mobile app - to track the storms as they move through the bay area. a major decision by the u-s appeals court on president donald trump's travel ban. coming up next, the president's response to the decision not to reinstate the ban - and whatcould happen next.. then, crews in oroville ... are releasing more water to try and control a gaping hole at a dam spillway. now crews are running out of time to repair it - as the lake is reaching
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[crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. a dramatic decision this
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afternoon regarding the president's desireto reinstate the travel ban from his executive order. a three judge panel at the 9th circuit court of appeals has unanamouslydecided ánotá to reinstate the governement's travel ban. steve aveson has been closely following the story and joins us now from the kron4 newsroom with the latest. grant, catherine, a lower court ruling in washington statehad suspended the temporary ban. the justice department argued that theban was a lawful exercise of the president's authority who percieved the country was at imminent risk of terror attack from people traveling toand from 7 mostly muslim countries. but in a 29 page opinion, this panel disagreed. in sharing this opinion the three judge panel noted thatthere are compelling public interests on both sides of this argumentsaying, " on the one hand, the public has a powerful interest in national
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security and in the ability of an elected president to enact policies. and onthe other hand, the public also has an interest in the free flow of travel,in avoiding the separation of families and in freedom from discrimination." in their opinion the judges went on to say the government presented noevidence to " explain the urgent need for president trumps executive orderto take effect immediately."the initial ban did in fact cause confusion and upset to travellers and thosecharged with enforcing the law. the judges also went on to say the government " did not present evidence that failure to reinstatethe ban would cause irreparable injury to the country." this is not the final act, but just the next scene in the temporary immigration travel ban drama. the immediate outcome is that the free flow of travel between the united states and the 7 restricted countries will continue. that willproceed with the same kind of already
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strong vetting that had been enforced under the obama administration.however the trump administration want's to develop something the call extreme vetting. the administration can now ask for a full review by the entire 9th circuit court or take their case directly to the supreme court. it didn't take long for reaction from the white house with president trump to personally tweeting this response to the decision saying, " see you in court, the security of our nation is at stake." and in response to the president's tweet washington state governor jay inslee had this to say: "mr. president, we just saw you in court, and we beat you." washington state gov. jay inslee what exactly happens may have a less to do with tweets and more to dowith legal counsel from the justice department. today is the first day on thejob for attorney general jeff sessions and he may have input into the presidentsnext move. meanwhile if you want to better understand todays decision you canreview the
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entire 29 page decision online at much more coming up tonight at 6. in napa's been a day of flood watches and warnings. this is what the napa river looked like in st. helena around lunchtime. it's been running high and fast. kron4's maureen kelly has been out in that area all day. maureen shows us how this latest storm has created lots of problems but also revived a local landmark. this explosion of overflowing water is the napa river spillway in st. helena.the violent rush of water had people pulling over on 128 and snapping pictures with their cellphones.bitelocals tell me that this is they haven't see this much water coming off the spillway in many years....if
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ever.bitesthis excess of rain is also causing impromptu waterfalls to appear in many spots.and by late also caused flooding....this is the big ranch road .....closed due to flooding.... but that didn't stop many of the locals...who say....they've seen worse.bite dry creek road was also closed by a mudslide that wiped out on also brought down a power pole so these crews couldn't get out here until early this morning to clear it....those working for the county say it's been tough. biteand more problems are likely to keep the rain keeps falling.maureen kelly kron4 news.
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in the category of 'maybe it's best to just stay home'...... there are also plenty of flight cancellations and delays in the bay area.. this is a live look at s-f-o where problems were being reported first thing this morning.. because of the wind and rain -- there were already about a hundred cancellations by 8 a-m. and 45 flights were delayed up to two hours.. an east coast snowstorm - combined with our own stormy weather - are to blamefor the problems.. as always - airport officials are telling people to check with their airlines beforeleaving the house. you may -- or may not - be going anywhere. at least on schedule... showers will taper tonight but
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flash flood warnings will continue until tomorrow mornings for southbay zone.
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the bay area of not the only place struggling with the heavy rain... this is south lake tahoe...where there are huge mounds of ice and's been piling up in residential neighborhoods and blocking drains...and causing serious flooding. more than 60 homes have been flooded. some people say they've got as much as 8 inches of water inside their homes...and the combination of snow and rain is just too much to handle.. public works crews are trying to clear drains and pump water.....and the c-h-p is reminding everyone that there are lots of closed roads and they need to plan their routes.. interstate 80 is open
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after a mudslide had the westbound lanes closed down. three cars were trapped in the mud but no one was hurt.. it happened around 10 p-m wednesday night and had traffic backed up for at least a mile. crews had it cleared by early this morning. still ahead... president trump says his nominee for the supreme court did 'not' criticize him.. that's despite what several senators -- democrat and republican -- are saying. but first, people in guerneville are on edge tonight - as the russian river is expected to push past flood stages once again. we'll check in with people there - after the break.
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in guerneville - the heavy rain is causing a lot of problems for people who live and work in the area... the russian river is expected to push past flood stage once again. as kron four's terisa estacio shows us...
5:25 pm
people are anxious about how bad it could get 'this' time.. pkg
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and remember you can track the storm wherever you go with live radar - on your phone. just download the free kron 4 mobile app. people in the south bay - are stuck tonight due to flooding. still ahead... we check in with kron four's gabe slate - whose following this story for us tonight. what areas are impacted tonight. and next, we're tracking the rain. ...and we'll ask brittney ship when it might finally taper off. that's after the break.
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all kinds of mudslides and trees down the latest storm is drenching the bay area with up to two and a half inches of rain.the runoff is turning creeks into rivers...and sending rivers spilling over their banks. the south bay is now getting the worst of the storm. let's check in with kron four
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chief meteorologisty brittney shipp. showers will taper tonight but flash flood warnings will continue until tomorrow mornings for southbay zone.
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the small coastal town of pescadero, about 20 miles south of half moon bay, is getting hit hard
5:32 pm
by the rains and flooding. local businesses told kron4's gabe slate that they rely on tourists.....and the constant rain and road closures are hurting their livelihood.
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the corte madera creek is
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now overflowing into the town of ross...and threatening buildings. the marin county fire department released this video today... there's a flash flood warning for marin county that's in effect until 6-15 tonight. weather officials - as always - are reminding drivers to turn around if they see a flooded road.. rather than trying to drive through it. in livermore...interstate -580 has all lanes reopened once again. yesterday a giant pothole opened near greenville road. it really slowed down drivers during wednesday's morning commute. but crews were able to clean up the mess and reopen the lanes by late last night. potholes are becoming more of a nuisance for drivers following these rain storms. more damage from the storm has been cleaned up in danville... opening lanes in both directions on a
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portion of diablo road. the section between calle arroyo and avenida nueva reopened today around noon. take a look at the footage from yesterday... diablo had been closed since early wednesday when a large tree knocked down several power lines and poles. police say crews with p-g-&e had been out there since last night completing repairs. a huge hole in the oroville dam spillway is getting bigger... it was discovered tuesday - after erosion and the erratic flow of water began breaking off chunks of concrete. the hole is now roughly twice as big as a couple days ago -- 200-feet long and 30- feet deep hole. water resource officials say the problem is only on the spillway -- not the dam itself. they say the dam is still safe and no communities downstream are affected. but they've been increasing the outflow lake oroville can
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be drained...and repairs can get underway. reservoir levels continue to climb behind the critical flood-control structure. it's now at 90-percent of capacity. still ahead, the bay area - is not the only area dealing with severe weather. the northeast - has been slammed with a 'huge' winter storm. and next - president trump insists his supreme court nominee did 'not' actually criticize him... the back and forth on that just keeps going.. that story - after the break. on wallstreet... strong earnings from big u.s. companies are helping drive stock indexes further into record territory. the dow - gaining 118 points. thenasdaq - rose 32 points. and the s&p - adding 13 points.
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jon batiste has mastered new ways to play old classics. with chase atms, he can master new ways to deposit checks too. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master. ♪ ♪ the hydrogen fueled mirai. its only emission is water. toyota. let's go places. president trump hosted a
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bipartisan group of senators at the white house today to discuss his supreme court pick. the meeting - an attempt by trump to smooth the way for his confirmation. but the president might not have helped his cause....with an early morning tweetthat insulted a democratic senator. from our partners at c- n-n... kristen holmes is in washington with more. president trump is putting comments made by his own supreme court pick on trial... taking issue with a democratic senator who revealed his
5:40 pm
nominee neil gorsuch was critical of the president's recent attacks on the judicial system: sen. richard blumenthal / -d- connecticut: "there's no question that judge gorsuch said to me that he found these attacks on the judiciary by the president to be disheartening and demoralizing."trump took to twitter to call-out blumenthal -- falsely saying he misrepresented the judge's words. even though a white house appointed spokesperson for gorsuch had confirmed the remarks. blumenthal-- is standing by his story..sen. richard blumenthal/ connecticut: "i absolutely accurately stated what judge gorsuch said to me as confirmed by his own spokesman, colleagues who heard the same things in their private meetings." former gop senator kelly ayotte..who is helping guide the judge in the nominating process...also confirmed his remarks. but the president didn't back down president donald trump: "his comments were misrepresented" and the white house even seeming to side step the question in the daily briefing. sean spicer/white house press secretary: "no, no
5:41 pm
the judge was clear that he was not commenting on any specific matter//question: "are you saying that demoralizing and disheartening was not specifically about the president's comments?"sean spicer/white house press secretary: "the judge literally made it very clear in his comments//this is like the fourth time answered. i've know how many times you me.//you've question now 8 president is his mind.//he is free to speak has this the last 100 in washington, holmes reporting. coming up, it's official - the san francisco 49ers introduce the teams new head coach and general manager. kron four's mark carpenter sits down with coach kyle shanahan - find out what he had to say after the break.
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the bart board of directors made an interesting decision this afternoon, let go back to the newsroom now... and to steve aveson.... to find out what's going on.
5:45 pm
the bart board has decided to look into the possibility of become a sanctuary transit system. if bart goes through with it... it would join other cities and counties in limiting cooperation with federal immigration authorities. supporters say bart riders need to feel comfortable and safe while on board. and reaction to the court's decision to not reinstate the president's travel ban is just starting to pour in. we'll have all that at six...but now let's get back to the news at five. new leadership for the san francisco 49ers. there are two fresh faces ...both of them - talking to reporters today... and filled with hopes for a badly needed change. there they are... new niner general manager john lynch on the
5:46 pm
left... and the coach, kyle shannahan on the right. kron 4's mark carpenter had a chance to sit down with the new coach one-on-one.
5:47 pm
during the recent series of storms... our kron four team has been out bracing the heavy rain and strong winds... and when it comes to reporters... they have it rough... standing in the showers during their live shots... our very own will tran and yoli aceves were standing in the pouring rain this morningin the north bay... we love the fact that a couple of kron four viewers felt sorry for them and decided to cheer them up a bit... take a look. the viewers - in santa
5:48 pm
rosa - braved the storm and brought will and yoli some coffee... to help them stay warm during their live reports. and take a look at this... some kids in mill valley aren't letting a little rain stop them from getting outside. we don't recommend anyone try this.. but take a look... these two boys took a dip in the creek with nothing more than their swim trunks on.
5:49 pm
we've been seeing students with the day off school take advantage of their extra time... last month we saw two kids in mill valley boogie boarding down a flooded stream. rushing water in creeks like these can get up to dangerous speeds... so all residents are being warned to stay away from flooded streams during these storms. showers will taper tonight but flash flood warnings will continue until tomorrow mornings for southbay zone.
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still ahead... millions of people in the northeast are reeling from a
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speeds up to 45 megs, for $30 a month. rain totals in the bay area are sure adding up... but its nothing like what people in the northeast are dealing with. more than 60- million people are being affected by heavy snow and strong winds. in new york...the weather has been
5:55 pm
blamed for the death of at least one person.. and people can't believe that just yesterday in new york city -- it was unseasonably warm and clear. now they're bracing for more white-out conditions. . from our partners with c-n-n...chris welch has the latest.. snowmore snowand a dash of thundersnow.the most significant storm to strike the northeast this season forced people to pick up shovels.and clean off carsnew yorkers got a bit of weather whiplash.wednesday -- the high soared to a record 65 degrees. but a day later -- temperatures andrew cuomo/-d- new york: "breaking news is it is snowing. in case you haven't noticed. i can tell you that first hand, i've been driving all around the region. that is real news that is not fake news."the deadly storm created rough seas and slow sometimes slippery traffic."everybody out there, take it slow. if you can stay home stay home." this semi truck stuck on i-95. as plows across the region work to clear streets.steve bellone/suffolk county, ny: "what we are asking and urging residents to do is to get off
5:56 pm
those roads. let the plow operators do their work, do their jobs."many got a snow day.schools around the region closed and many businesses also told employees to stay home.some embracing the weather with a snowball fight on the boston common.but once the snow stops -- the cold is expected to stay.and could become downright dangerous. gov. dannel malloy/-d- connecticut: "we will be out on the street looking for people who need the urge to come out of the cold." that was chris welch reporting. that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. steve aveson and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six. there will be no reinstatement of president trump's travel ban. the appeals court in san francisco has issued its ruling late this afternoon... and reaction
5:57 pm
from both sides has been quick.. including comment from the president himself. we tell you who else is talking... plus.. we are keeping our eye on the weather and the chaos that has been triggered by the heavy rains. mudslide, downed trees.. and now a fatality to report. our coverage of this major storm that is pounding the bay area continues in 70 seconds... on kron 4 news at six.
5:58 pm
tonight .... flooding fears in the north bay ... tragedy in the santa cruz mountains,nat this woman witnessed the death of a man working to clean up the higway 17 midslide.kron four tracking the latest storm ... trees down, hillsides
5:59 pm
collapsed, highways closed and rivers rising. good evening i'm pam moore. and i'm steve aveson. there is a lot to get to tonight. first let's take a look outside... things are letting up a little bit... but there are a lot of warnings right now for flooding. chief meteorologist brittney shipp is watching the rivers for us... where are the trouble spots right now? showers will taper tonight but flash flood warnings will continue until tomorrow mornings for southbay zone.
6:00 pm
can watch us on air.... you can also get stormtracker
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four radar online. this is a live look from our website kron four dot com. you can just click thelink and see where the rain is, right now. áááááá it's not clear to what extent, if any, the weather was to blame butthe all out effort to clear a mudslide on highway 17 has turned deadly.ááááá a tragic accident claimed the life of one worker and sent anotherto the hospital with what are described as major injuries. kron four'srob fladeboe is live at he scene with more on what happened. rob? ááááááááá
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one place we are going to be watching through out the night is the
6:05 pm
russian river. the water is rising again... which means the potential for more flooding. guerneville in sonoma county has been hit particularly hard this winter. and residents are worried the area could be swamped again. that's where kron 4's hermela aregawi is tonight. hermela.. what's it like right now hermela livethe rain has been coming down steady but.. not too hard for the last several hours anyway.but of course one of the biggest of probems it's causing.. is flooding of the russian river.. i saw homes partially flooding.. roadways completely flooded.people's backyard furniture.. trashcans practically drowning in the water.driving down river street.. the main thoroughway here.. i counted more than dozen flood signs.. some areas have dried up.. but others are just filling river street where it meets willow it is completely closed off.. and that roadway leads to a vineyard and several homes that aren't damaged.. because
6:06 pm
they're at the top of a hill but.. i spoke to a woman who was moving out of one of those homes.. and she said she didn't know how to get in woman owns a vineyard there.. and she saidshe found a roundabout way.. but added a lot of time to her communute.ósot grace bartlome, residentsot cecile derbes, residentvo- another problem.. is gravel coming off the hills adjacent to the roads.. crews say they cleaned up a lot of little ones today.. and we also caught them cleaning a big one that was blocking one lane on river roadsreporting live
6:07 pm
in the east bay: this mudslide has forced at least one homeowner to stay some place else tonight. it started earlier this week and today... it barreled right into the back of the home in orinda... forcing officials to red tag it. that video from our helicopter partners at a-b-c 7 .... gives you an idea of just how massive the slide is. kron 4's haaziq madyun caught up to the man who owns the home on van tassel lane... he takes us inside where you can just how extensive the
6:08 pm
damage is from all the mud that came crashing down the hill. this is an overhead view of a massive mudslide in orinda from our helicopter partnership with abc-7. the slide slammed into the rear of paul vittimberga's home on van tassel way"i mean the damage to the house is significant but i think the most concerning is getting the hill right, as you can see hundreds and hundreds of tons of material up there has come down onto our land"tom zundel heard about the slide here and came to take a look because "we have a small slide that has gone into the street but what we're concerned about is a much possible slide like what has occurred here"his takeaway after seeing what the mudslide did to paul vittimberga's house..?"well i am a little more scared now than i was earlier today, i didn't think the possibility of a catastrophic event was very high but now that i have
6:09 pm
seen this, there is a little more to be worried about" vittimberga says the mudslide happened tuesday morning at about 9:30am"i was in the bathroom right over here and i heard what sounded like a very loud thunder storm, then i came out into the room and thought maybe it was a hail storm and then i saw the wall start to come toward me"the mudslide eventually stopped but not before breaching the rear wall of his office. "unfortunately the structure underlying this bedroom buckled with the weight, probably the roof above here too, i mean the damage to the house is significant but i think the more concerning is getting the hill right and that's huge under taking, what do you do with 300 truck- loads of dirt and uh, that's a good question"his home has been red tagged by the county. he is leaving now to find a temporary place to live. he hopes when the rainy season ends he will return to find his home still orinda haaziq madyun kron4news another big story tonight is the ninth circuit court of
6:10 pm
appeals has refused to reinstate president trump's travel ban. the ruiling came down just a couple of hours ago.. but we need to be clear... this story is not over. grant lodes is here to explain what is next... because there are several things that could happen. this issue is definitely not over. one look at what president trump tweeted a short time ago...right after today's decision was announced... and you get the idea. "see you in court, the security of our nation is at stake!" says the president... notice that is in all caps... which... is the online equivalent of shouting. the 9th circuit court sided with a federal judge in washington state. in a unanimous 3-0 ruling, it refused to reinstate the travel ban that would prohibit people from seven mostly muslim countries from entering the united states. washington state and minnesota are the main plaintiffs in the case. but several other states including california
6:11 pm
have filed legal briefs supporting them... saying it discriminates against muslims and hurts universities and business...among other things. we just heard from washington state's attorney general a short time ago. the department of justice has argued the executive order is within president trump's power to act on national security risks. you can view the entire ruling on our website, kron four dot com. now the white house can appeal and ask for a hearing before the entire ninth circuit court. it can also
6:12 pm
try to take the case to the u-s supreme court. so we could see a lot more legal maneuvering before this is settled. pam. this just came in to the kron four newsroom. some bart officials are now calling for a sanctuary in- transit policy... this move would limit the collaboration between bart police and federal agencies... director lateefah simon says, more than 500- thousand people who entered the country illegally ... have made the bay area their home.. she says, many of those people use bart to get to and from school or work ... and bart does not want to undermine the trust between bart police and the communities they serve. we have more coverage of today's storm. quite a sight in the north bay... see how all this rain has turned one spot into a bit of tourist attraction. and a new picture of the troubles at one of california's largest reservoirs. the growing hole in a spillway... and what is going to be done to fix it. plus the north bay
6:13 pm
is getting slammed again. the areas that are underwater right now and the damage done to at least one home. ♪
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you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor recommended gaviscon. it quickly neutralizes stomach acid and helps keep acid down for hours. relieve heartburn with fast- acting, long-lasting gaviscon. it is a stormtracker weather alert night at kron 4. this is a live look at the radar right now for the bay area. we are seeing numerous flash flood warnings from this latest round of rain. chief meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking it all for us... she will have an update in five minutes.
6:16 pm
the rain really pounded the north bay this morning..... creeks and rivers swollen... and reports of downed trees and mudslides. so we sent kron 4's dan kerman to marin county to see first hand the troubles the rain brought today. he's live tonight in san anselmo. dan. this is the lighter side of the storm, what young people do in kentfield when their street is flooded. but not all storm problems are that easily remedied in mill valley this 100 foot cypress came crashing down on this garage neighbors say, they knew it was comingsot mari bindels/mill valley resident 18-24no one was home at the time and the home itself looked unscathed, but this remote part of mill valley is filled with trees like this. sot ian/lives near downed tree 38-43and some residents are taking precautionssot robin
6:17 pm
mckee/mill valley resident 53-59in san anselmo the sanbags were out and stores closed early in fear the creek would crest it did not sot lindsey mclorg/san anselmo resident 108-114at one time/116
6:18 pm
much of napa county has also been under flood watch or flood warning for a lot of the day. that's where kron4's maureen kelly has been all day where she found both rain related trouble stops...and spectacle. it's a sight that hasn't been seen much because of our many years of drought.....and now it's back...with the vengence....this powerful display is the napa river spillway in st helena....and it brought many out to take pictures....and bitesthe excess rain created impromptu waterfalls......and caused the napa river to run high and fast....this might look like the river.....but it's really big ranch road in of several spots that were flooded out.....this spot was closed but that didn't stop everyone from venturing thru it.bitecounty crews had a long day of trying to fix the problems the rain is causing. this crew is getting a handle of one of the mudslides that closed roads during the
6:19 pm
storms....the street in this video not so aptly named.... dry creek road.....maybe they'll change it to full creek road after this rainy season.maureen kelly kron4 news. happening right now: flooding has shut down a north bay highway once again. highway- 37 in the novato area is closed entirely .... between atherton avenue and highway- 101. there is no word yet when it may reopen. kron 4 was there this morning, as cal-trans crews continued to pump water from the roadway. clearly this latest round of rain
6:20 pm
overwhelmed crews who are working hard to keep things safe . this stretch of roadway has been a trouble spot all winter ... as storm after storm has pounded the bay area. a reminder if you can't catch kron 4 news on air... we are online. and when big stories are unfolding... this is another way to catch us. broadcast the kron 4 morning news went past 10 a-m to cover the weather for the second time this week and the broadcast continued online through the kron 4 facebook page as well as our website. it is just one more way you can stay on top of the news.
6:21 pm
toss weather showers will taper tonight but flash flood warnings will continue until tomorrow mornings for southbay zone.
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
it just keeps growing and growing. a new look tonight at the huge hole that has opened up ... in one of california's largest reservoirs. why it could be a while before it gets fixed. and a little later: san francisco became know for the summer of love in 1967. why the city is pulling the plug on a plan for a 50th anniversary concert at golden gate park. new tonight at eight...shocking, and incredibly disturbing video of a teen being choked by a classmate... until he passes out. his mother claims, the teacher did nothing, and the school never told her about the she is demanding action.the story... tonight at eight. crest complete presents sugar shield
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sugar is everywhere and crest complete has a sugar shield to protect teeth from sugar found in everyday foods. crest complete. shield your teeth from sugar. so sugar may visit, but it's not sticking around. new pantene doesn't just wash i wiyour hair, it fuels it.gain. making every strand stronger. so tangles don't stand a chance.
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because strong is beautiful. state engineers have discovered new damage to the oroville dam spillway in butte county.... that is where a huge hole has opened..... catherine heenan is here with an update - and the latest look at what's happening... what's happening is that it's much bigger....roughly twice the size of whenthe hole was first spotted tuesday... this is video from earlier today...that split was 'not' initially all the way across the spillway... meantime....reservoir levels continue to climb behind the critical flood-control structure. it's now at 90 percent of capacity.. engineers released more water last night and part of the caused more damage - but they say the tests were crucial. and they stressed today that this is not happening on the dam itself -- only the spillway.saying there
6:27 pm
are lots of eyes on the problem.. this is how the problem was first spotted tuesday.....a maintenance worker noticedthe water flowing erratically -- with chunks of concrete flying in the air. at a news conference today - a chief engineer said the dam is still safe and doesn'tthreaten communities downstream. an emergency spillway is available and might be used a related problem - there's so much debris washing into the feather river -- workers are scrambling to save 4 million baby salmon from a downstream hatchery - before they die in the thick, muddy water... pam and steve?
6:28 pm
this is a live look at our stormtracker four radar. it has been green most of the day and that has led to numerous flood warnings for the bay area. chief meteorologist brittney shipp is keeping an eye on the rivers... see where the trouble spots are going to be tonight. and as we celebrate black history month on kron four: we will take you to a special exhibit in the bay area featuring one of the major movements of the 1960s. plus we are seeing more flooding tonight in the bay area.. we will take you to some of the places that are underwater. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee.
6:29 pm
visit to learn more. showers will taper tonight but
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
6:32 pm
flash flood warnings will continue until tomorrow mornings for southbay zone. earlier this morning... a death of a worker along highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains...slowed traffic down even more than the mudslide they were working on. two men were hit by a dumptruck. one died.
6:33 pm
residents in guerneville with homes next to the russian river are growing more and more concerned over water levels rising.
6:34 pm
kron four has crews throughout the bay area - bringing us video ofsome of the flooding hot spots.. and our viewers are
6:35 pm
helping too..... capturing images in their own townsand back yards.. catherine heenan is here with a couple of examples.. a kron four viewer in sausalito sent us video of significant flooding... there's so much standing looked at times as thoughthat viewer was at a creek....or pond. but you're looking at parking lots and other areas where there shouldn'tbe 'any' water.. some of the video -- taken around restaurants and other businesses offbridgeway....not far from the downtown area. you can see why there are so many reports of water damage and overall flooding again today... and this is the swollen, fast moving corte madera creek...the video taken by ross valley firefighters.. the creek is now overflowing into the town of ross and is threatening buildings. it's just one of the many creeks in the bay area running high......
6:36 pm
we encourage viewers to share their photos and can use the "report it" tab on either kron four dot com.....or on the kron four app... pam and steve? other news now: a college basketball player from san jose is being accused tonight of raping a 16- year-old girl. 22-year-old blair mendy plays for stony brook university in new york. police say they arrested him for an incident at a campus apartment back in december. mendy appeared a court today to face third degree rape and other charges. his the fourth player from the team to be arrested within the past ten months. as the bay area celebrates black history month, the oakland museum of california is extending its popular exhibit honoring the 5oth anniversary of the black panther party. the exhibit has received extraordinary interest from the bay area community.. it is called " all power to the people; black panthers at 50... and it
6:37 pm
takes a fresh look at the remarkable and controversial movement started by a group of young black college students in oakland.. a movement that took on national and eventually international significance in the fight for justice. it is a multi- media, interactive exhibit that includes interviews, videos, documents, music and art .. from a movement that challenged the nation...rene' de guzman is the senior curator of art ... talks about the party's newspaper: the exhibit also illustrates the free food, breakfast, and free health clinic programs started by the panthers, who at the time, who were largely only identified as "violent militants".it will run through the end of february at the
6:38 pm
oakland museum of california. coming up tonight on kron four news at eight .. we will go in-depth on the exhibit .. we are putting all of our stories on black history month ... on the kron 4 website... just go to kron four dot com. every monday this month at 6 p-m... we are featuring a new piece as we look at the hidden history and contributions of african- americans. 50 years ago... san francisco found itself at the center of the summer of love social phenomenon. thousands of people descenced upon the city. why plans to put on anniversary concert has been scratched.
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
♪ ♪ when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. the city of san francisco
6:41 pm
announced .. it has denied a permit for the "summer of love 50th anniversary" concert .. which was set for june.. the event was expected to draw tens of thousands of people to the city.. now due to safety concerns the city's parks and recreation department says that is not going to happen. the event promoter says he met all of the city's demands and will be appealing the permit denial. the concert is a free event in golden gate park that
6:42 pm
marks the 19-67 counter- culture movement known as the summer of love. in sports... the 49ers introduce their new head coach and general manager...... and we have one-on-one interviews with both kyle shanahan and john lynch... who share their visons of the 49ers future... that's coming up
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
for the last several years, the 49ers offseason has operated on a much different time table than the rest of the league. they fire a coach... hire a new one.. play the regular season... fire that coach... and then hire another one the franchise is hoping that cycle has finally ended.. and kyle shanahan is the last head coach they introduce for awhile. the 37-year-old and new general manager john lynch... met the bay area media their opening news conference. shananan is the team's fourth head coach in the last four seasons... and lynch is their first new g-m since
6:46 pm
trent baalke took over in 2011. both are rookies in their ácurrent positions...however, they've had successful careers. for lynch, it's as a player and broadcaster. and shanahan is considered one of the brightest young coaching minds in the league... as he turned the falcons offense into a top-ranked unit. shanahan says turning around this franchise will take time, but they are driven to make it work.
6:47 pm
after the news conference, i had an opportunity to sit down with both lynch and shanahan. i spoke with each of them for about 10-minutes... and one of the topics i discussed with shanahan was how he's coping with such a painful loss in super bowl 51.
6:48 pm
lynch is the surprise hire of the nfl offseason as no one new he was in the running for the g-m job until he was actually hired. here's lynch on how the process unfolded.
6:49 pm
one of the items on the agenda for this new 49ers
6:50 pm
administration is making decisions about the roster. the player everyone is interested in is colin kaepernick. the former franchise quarterback can opt out of his contract and become a free agent this offseason, if he wants to stay and the team wants to keep him, he is due more than 14-million- dollars in base salary. lynch has said it's too early to make a determination on their plans for kaep, but they will be meeting with the q-b. turning to the nba-- the most entertaining story in the league right now is the circus featuring charles oakley and the new york knicks. in case you missed it, major scuffle at last night's knicks- clippers game... between oakley and knicks security where oakley shoved a guard, had to be escorted out of madison square garden and then was arrested. it's still unclear what exactly led to this . but some reports say oakley, a former knick, who has been critical of team owner james dolan...may have shouted the executive. oakley denied he said anything , but reacted when he was asked to leave by security. earlier today, our sports director gary radnich sat down with bay area sports hall of fame inductee and nba champion bill cartwright... he has
6:51 pm
known oakley for years and gave his take on the incident. that interview is part of kron4-s partnership with the bay area sports hall of fame. cartwright, along with four other bay area greats, will officially be inducted at a ceremony in arpil. gary will be the host... and we'll hear from the inductees and those close to them leading up to the event. this is a live look at stormtracker four radar.
6:52 pm
the bay area is getting drenched tonight... we will have another look at the places that could see flooding.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
last weather and goodbye
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>> we see in the pilot a woman in freefall. >> plus your insider bonus. bieber's social media shutdown is officially over. >> and -- ♪ ♪ >> jake gyllenhaal gets a rude awakening at his musical debut. >> wait, what? >> on saturday. two in a day. crazy. >> now "the insider," tracking hollywood from the inside out. the emancipation of mimi's ticket sales? mariah carey tracking at number one today with the diva's antics taking center stage. >> that's right, debbie. tonight we go inside of the cost of her miss steps. but there is no bigger story than george clooney's double baby joy. >> i feel like i've met the -- the exact right person. and we couldn't be happier. we never -- i think we both feel


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